Tactical Respirator ii

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Field Performance

1 No Training Scars

  • Low profile minimizes cheek-weld interference
  • Low-riding seal minimizes eyewear interference

2 Exceptional Performance

  • 97% effective filter cartridge
  • Breathable during strenuous activity
  • Simple filter replacement

3 High Configurability

  • Multiple strap options for varying kit setups (A)
  • Compatible with Invisio® headsets
  • Accessory port for mic integration (B)

4 Comfort for hours

  • Medical-grade silicone ensures tight face seal
  • Designed to work well with facial hair
  • Protruding exhaust valves minimize eyewear fog
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Filter Cartridge

  • Filters down to 0.1 microns
  • Simple filter replacement
  • Biodegradable filter housing
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